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Free Sony VAIO and MacBook for You <3

Posted on: 14 Januari 2010

for you who want to have a Sony Vaio or MacBook Free, follow the steps below.

  1. Click here to register
  2. then check the confirmation email in your email
  3. after that you will get the point of the newsletter
  4. invite your friends to follow-up. and you’ll get points from it

advantage of this program:

  1. you do not have to pay anything or FREE
  2. when registering, you’ve got 5 points
  3. you’ll get points from the newsletter on a regular basis (without inviting a friend), if you want to add points quickly, you can invite your friends to join with refferal link that you have.
  4. you just need to open these newsletters in your inbox. There is almost 16 newsletters per month with a different point value.
  5. your inbox can only hold 8 newsletter, so when I opened the newsletter, newsletter immediately remove it so the next newsletter can go into your inbox.

an easy and simple, without the hassle. just waiting for the newsletter came and opened it, you’ll get the point.

good luck.
best regards


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